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Today’s asphalt roofing shingles have come a long way in durability and function, as well as in new color choices. With the advent of new technologies, they are better equipped to handle harsh weather conditions such as heat from the sun and ice in winter.

It’s not surprising that our new asphalt shingles look great on Culpeper County homes. They boast unparalleled beauty, cost effectiveness, and performance. They give value to your home, providing a new structure that protects the home and belongings.

No matter where you live, asphalt roofing shingles are a great fit. Wind, sunshine, rain, snow, storms, all work at breaking down the materials of your roof, but with new asphalt roofs, the process is delayed by years.

Homeowners can enjoy many benefits with asphalt roofing, including the ease of installation and repair. They are also low maintenance, requiring only to be kept clear of debris. Replacement of asphalt roofing is easy since they can be replaced individually. When one section gets damaged, the cost to replace it is minimal.

Asphalt roofing systems are the most common roofing types on residential properties. And it’s no wonder they are so well liked. They last a long time, are a great price, and come in many styles. If you’re looking for something economical but durable, this system is the way to go.

Manufacturers have found ways for these shingles to mimic the look of real materials such as wood, cedar or slate. They are fire resistant and resistant to the sun’s UV rays.

The shingles can come in single, double, or more layers. Generally, asphalt shingles with more than one layer are known as laminated strip shingles or architectural shingles. These shingles have a three dimensional appearance and look gorgeous on roofs.

My Roofer LLC installs premium asphalt roofing systems in the Culpeper, VA area. We do residential and commercial roofing applications in Virginia. Our roofers are certified to do repairs, replacements, inspections, installations, and more.

We background check, drug test, and fully train our roofing specialists. So when you need a roofer who is qualified and professional, My Roofer, LLC has you covered.

If you believe your roof is aging or has been damaged, we can provide you with an inspection to determine what your options are. We can also inspect your roof as a service for home buyers or property investment. No one knows roofs like My Roofer, LLC, and our services come with excellent customer satisfaction.

We are a licensed and insured, committed and reputable local company that has been serving residents in our area for fifteen years. When you need a roofing professional to repair or replace your roof with new asphalt roofing system, call My Roofer, LLC.

If you are interested in Asphalt Roofing Replacement or Installation Services, call 571-533-7177 or complete our online request form.

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