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My Roofer LLC installs premium tile roofing systems in the Culpeper, VA area. We have provided the Culpeper County and surrounding areas with quality services for fifteen years.

We do residential and commercial roofing repairs and tile roof installations in Virginia. Our technicians are fully trained and certified professional roofers.

We ensure that our experienced roofers have all gone through a rigorous hiring process and continuous training. Background checks and drug testing for all our roofers ensures that you get only professional, quality service.

If you need a professional roofing company to repair, replace, or install a new tile roof for you, we can help you here at My Roofer LLC. We are licensed and insured, are committed to our customers, and are a reputable local company that has built a good reputation in the area.

If you have noticed that your roof is aging or if it has been damaged, we can come out to inspect your roof and make recommendations as to your options.

If you love tile roofs, we are your local expert installers. We work with quality materials that provide you with years of enjoyment for your beautiful tile roof.

Homeowners can enjoy many benefits with tile roofing. First and foremost is the pleasant look of tile. The old clay roof tiles are romantic and appealing and in addition are very beautiful.

Although tile roofs are mostly installed in warm climates due to their ability to absorb and ward off heat from the sun, they are also found in other climates. There are tiles manufactured to handle freeze-thaw cycles, so they can be used in cold climates as well.

Tile roofs require a good support structure. The roof framing will need to support the weight of the tile roof, because it weighs more than two to four times the weight of an asphalt roof.

Tile roofs are manufactured out of clay or concrete. You can also install synthetic roofs that mimic the look of clay tiles.

Clay, when compared to concrete, holds color better so the result is a more colorfast roofing material. They are also more durable than concrete.

If you are considering a tile roof, keep in mind it can last anywhere from 50 to 100 years depending on whether the tiles are concrete or clay. Clay outlasts concrete by twice as much.

Tile also provides superior fire protection as well as wonderful rain water control. You can also get tile roofs made to neutralize the harmful effects of smog by turning the nitrogen oxide into calcium nitrate, which will wash away with the rain.

It takes special installation procedures and an expert roofer to install your tile roof. But the value you add to the home is outmatched. Not only will the roof seem to last forever, but the superior look and style of the roof will bring many a prospective buyer to your door.

When you need a roofing professional to repair or replace your roof with a new tile roofing system, call your pros at My Roofer, LLC.

If you are interested in Tile Roofing Replacement or Installation Services, call 571-533-7177 or complete our online request form.

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